Personal coaching

The coaching connection is powerful. We connect. We explore. Problems unravel. The way gets clearer. Change happens.


The Healing Space…

…to release stress, anxiety and counter-productive habits.

The Thriving Space…

…building on that grounding to create inspiring action.

“Mike’s career was stalled due being anxious about speaking in groups and this was causing him stress and anxiety. We connected and soon Mike was not only speaking in groups with confidence, he was enjoying a much more outgoing life too.”

From Steve’s coaching case book

Some people come to coaching because of problems which feel very present in their lives. Some because they want to channel their energy into their hopes and ambitions. Others wish to deepen their spiritual or emotional grounding and drink more from the well of life.

Coaching serves. Powerfully. Practically. Emotionally. Spiritually.

“It’s just human nature that we tend go adrift. Our clarity and focus drifts away. We fall for our negative self-talk, excuses and bad habits. Coaching brings us back. Bad habits change. We get on track. Coaches get coached too, for the very same reason.”

How it works

Coaching with me is simple. We have one coaching session per week or fortnight, working around holidays and other commitments as necessary. We meet by phone or Zoom video and share 60 to 90 minutes together. We reserve two hours though, just in case. There may be work for you between sessions. Each coaching agreement is unique, but typically we agree a three to six month extendable engagement.

Our sessions will be committed and filled with unconditional respect, confidentiality and time to pause, slow down and experience a high quality thinking space.

How to enrol or just enquire

The first step is an enquiry contact from you by phone or email. Subject to my availability, the next step is for us to schedule a no cost, no obligations conversation. We’ll start the work. If we both feel good about working together, only then will we start the paid engagement.

Questions and answers

What is coaching?

Coaching is facilitation in which we create a space for exploration and insight leading to clarity and change. You could say it’s like fitness training for mind and spirit except it is facilitated by presence, exploration and insightful discovery rather than arduous exercise.

Why reserve two hours?

A session could come to a natural conclusion in 45 minutes, but I want us to be in no rush. Rushing all the time is probably why you seek coaching in the first place. I want us to be able to go slow as well as go fast. I want us to have an abundance of space and time for our work to unfold. I don’t want us to have to call time on conversations that aren’t ready to rest.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is not therapy, but it is therapeutic. Treating psychological trauma is the domain of therapy. Work on problems and goals is the domain of coaching. Work through challenging circumstances and personal change, such as overcoming fears and bad habits, is in both.

Does coaching involve giving advice?

Coaching isn’t about telling you how to solve your problems. It's not advice. That would be infantilisation, the opposite of what coaching aims to do. You are the expert on you. Coaching channels your strength, your courage, your wisdom, so you can find your own answers and find it within you to rise up to your challenges.

Do you coach in the evenings?

Due to people’s working schedules, that’s actually when I do most of my coaching.

Does your work involve NLP?

My work could draw on a variety of sources including practical Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), business coaching models, meditation and spiritual understandings such as The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

Coach and NLP Trainer in Maidstone and London

“The coaching I was fortunate enough to be gifted by you was life changing. It was a revelation and the start of a new unravelling. You worked intuitively with grace and depth. Through the questions you asked and with the safety you provided, I was able to see something from my past had caused a self limiting belief that has held me back so often. This seeing was powerful and I believe has been a major influence in enabling me to stop procrastinating and step up to create and share my new website.

“I would take pleasure in recommending you to anyone who is looking to release blocks to evolving their business or personal lives. I would also highly recommend you for your easily accessible and enjoyable teachings of language uses. Your wisdom and knowledge combine to create something quite magical. Thank you!”

Emma W.

“The coaching I had with Steve was very helpful and enlightening. He helped me to prepare for an important interview and to look at some family concerns in a completely different light. He has a natural ability to work with people. He works subtlely: it often wasn’t until after the sessions that I really realised what he did. I always left the sessions feeling extremely positive and ready to tackle my challenges. I would thoroughly recommend Steve.”

Karl C, manager

“Steve, you have the ability to engage with people and build rapport very quickly. That makes me feel at home and know you want to help me. Your good listening and good questioning really gets to the core of my concerns very quickly and you always pull the most appropriate tool out of your kitbag. It feels like two friends chatting, yet I come away feeling 100% better and knowing that I have the control and power to change my life. I have no hesitation in recommending you.”

Tim W, project manager

(More testimonials here.)

“Every time I have a deep conversation with someone, they become not only a window on the human condition but also a mirror, as I haven’t yet encountered a hope, dream, fear or insecurity articulated by another person that we haven’t all lived ourselves. From the comfort we are not alone, not broken, and from the connection that avails, we lighten and see new possibilities. In all the years, this is one ordinary miracle that never ceases to amaze me.”

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